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Lenders and signing agents, we want to help you make your clients’ closings, foreclosures, property searches, and other processes go through without a hitch.  We are always excited to hear from you, so if you are interested in our services, contact us here or give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At TitleBlu, we aim to make the title process seamless and without our customers having to fight to get the process complete.  We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and making sure our customers are never chasing us down during their closing process. So to make it easy for you, here are a few common FAQ to help you through this process!

What is title insurance?

Every part of a home purchase, foreclosure, lien, levy, etc. needs to be documented and filed as public record so that when it is time for a sale of that property, everything can go through cleanly and legally.  Title insurance protects all parties because when it is purchased, the title agency searches these records, remedies them if possible, and determines if the title is clean to transfer.  Sometimes, though, the title is not filed properly or fraud such as forgeries make the title illegitimate.  This is where title insurance comes in: to protect the buyer from any issues that could pop up later after the closing process is completed.

What should I bring to closing?

Buyers/borrowers will need to bring:

1. Two forms of ID (one must be drivers license or state ID)

2. Social security number

3. Spouse (even if they are not going on the title) and anyone who is involved on the title


1. Two forms of ID (one must be drivers license or state ID)

2. Social security number

3. Bank account information if you are requesting a wire transfer of funds

4. Your spouse even if they are not on the title (Ohio requires spouse release of dower interest on sale)

Do I have to pay for title insurance monthly?

No.  The great thing about title insurance is that it is a one-time cost and lasts the entire time that you or your heirs owns the property!

Will my real estate agent be able to answer questions related to the title of the home?

Your real estate agent will know the general process that you will need to go through to find a title company and make sure everything is above-board, but they will not know the details about the title.  Nobody knows that information until a search is conducted!