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All of the title insurance reports are prepared in a highly meticulous manner. From electronic submissions to updated email notifications, you will never be in the dark as to the status of your title order. Our team of professionals is committed to making sure that your title transactions start and close in a smooth manner. It is for this reason that Titleblu is trusted among numerous developers, builders as well as top law firms for their title insurance needs.

Regardless of where you are located, we at Titleblu handle all title insurance requirements with ease. We are well versed with changes in regulations pertaining to title insurance across various states. Count on our title company to handle your title insurance requirements!

Contact us to know more about how we can assist you or simply fill out the order form and let us show you how quickly we can turn around your commitment and closing!

Who are Brokers?

Brokers are typically the first company you will work with in the home buying process, even before finding a realtor sometimes.  (Although most realtors have brokers, they can recommend to you!) 

Who are Lenders?

The broker will help you find a lender to work with, and you should make sure to get a pre-approval letter prior to viewing houses to make sure you know your budget.  You will submit paperwork to the broker to find out just how much house you can afford.

Who are Real Estate Agents?

Almost everyone knows what a real estate agent does in the process of a home purchase.  You tell them your budget, location, and other home requirements, and they will help you find a home, show it to you, and handle the negotiations and contracting.

Who are Underwriters?

The underwriters are the ones who will look at your financial situation and the home you are trying to purchase and determine the risk of lending to you.  If they decide the benefits outweigh the risk, they approve your loan and kick the process over to us.

Success Stories

I just recently purchased a home and used TitleBlu. I could not have been happier. I had such a difficult time with the lender and my realtor and the only thing that helped keep me level headed was TitleBlu. everyone was extremely helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. they answered questions that my lender and realtor should have been doing. they made sure that I had everything I needed and never once sounded irritated. especially when it was after hours. Carrie and Dale definitely made things happen when my lender did not. I cannot say enough good things about them or this company. so glad I chose to go with TitleBlu!!

Brynne Dzama

As a Realtor, I have used Titleblu for multiple transactions! Always great communication and I know my clients are going to stay informed by their awesome staff! I will continue to use this professional agency for future Real Estate transaction.

Greg Potts

I am a Realtor and I love when I get to work with TitleBlu! This is a wonderful title agency and Carrie, Dale, LeeAnn and Michelle do a fantastic job with communicating with all parties involved and have great customer service. All of my closings have gone smoothly so I definitely recommend them to anyone.

Meredith Shaw

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