What We Stand For


At TitleBlu we pride ourselves on being one of the quickest and most efficient providers of title insurance services. With a comprehensive network comprising some of the leading underwriters in the nation, we provide unparalleled strategic advantages in our title insurance services. Our goal is to help you close a loan whenever and wherever you may need our services, staying flexible to the deadlines of our clients.

Leading brokers, lenders, and attorneys—as well as developers—trust us fully with their title insurance needs.  Our experience in the title industry of over 40 years, plus our ability to handle other services such as foreclosure services, historical searches, lien searches, and more, makes us the premier title agency in the Northeast Ohio area (and one used all over the country) and the one to choose when you want to make sure the process is handled right.

Our Team

Most title companies have restrictions on where they allow closing to take place.  Here at TitleBlu, however, we recognize that our clients’ needs are the ones that matter, and we want to make it easy on you.  You already have enough to worry about when you are going through a title process.  We do not want this to be one of them.  We let you dictate when and where you want to conduct your closing.

Mary Lyzen, Post Closing Specialist

Dale Magno, Vice President

Lee Shaw, Production Manager

Jacob Chiara, Order Management

Denise Demko, Marketing Specialist

Michelle Nedrich, Funding Specialist

Kimberly Hruby, Account Specialist

Our Underwriters

At TitleBlu, we know that the people are the most important part of any business, especially one that handles such important business like a title agency.  Therefore, we partner with only the best underwriters in the country.  They have decades of experience in the title insurance industry and have high ratings for their reserves and overall financial stability.  The quality of our underwriters contributes to the quality of our company and the work we do for our customers.

Our Title Agents

Our agents have over 40 years of experience and all live by our company’s mission to provide only the best customer service and the most trustworthy and reputable care for our customers’ needs.  We make sure all our agents share our vision for the company and believe in the process as much as we do.